Health Matters: Preventing Infections and Reducing AMR

Health Matters: Preventing Infections and Reducing AMR

For preventing antimicrobial resistance, one of the first steps is to prevent the infections from occurring, says expert from ER in Houston. The antimicrobial resistance can be developed in bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites which make them resistant to treatment and can cause infections. With every infection prevented, the need for antimicrobials is reduced which in turn reduces the chance of viruses, bacteria, and fungi to develop resistance.

The doctors at ER in Houston, TX say that antibiotics are so far one of the most commonly prescribed antimicrobial agent. Unlike other medicines and drugs, the more you use antibiotics, the lesser effective they become against the target viruses, bacteria, or fungi. With overuse of antibiotics, the bacteria begin to develop resistance against them which can make it difficult to treat infections.

The reports from ER in 77018 say that failing to address the antimicrobial resistance can lead to:

  • Approximately 10 million deaths every year by 2050.
  • Loss of 66 trillion Euros to global economy due to lost productivity

It is said by Emergency Room in Houston that presently, the greatest threat from drug resistance in UL is Gram-negative bacteria which normally lives in healthy individuals but can lead to illness and death in some cases. They can also cause focal infections but are dangerous when they infect the blood and lead to sepsis which is a catastrophic systemic infection. The instances of infections caused by Gram-negative organisms are increasing. The healthcare providers are looking for ways to prevent infections.

As many as 40000 cases of E. Coli were reported in England in a span of 1 year which has made the Government realize the need for a quick action plan. The experts from Emergency Room in Houston, TX says that Government has set an action plan to reduce the Gram-negative BSIs by 50% by the year 2021 and reduce the inappropriate antimicrobial prescribing by 50% by 2021/.

Comprehensive action plan for prevention of infections is the need of the hour for development and spreading of the antimicrobial- resistant infections across the globe.