How to Treat a Migraine

How to Treat a Migraine

If you are someone that experiences migraines, then you know how chronic migraines can really take a hold on your life. Most migraine sufferers are prone to missing work and unable to function normally during a migraine attack. With the possibility of experiencing headaches and migraines on a daily basis, what is the best way to treat a migraine? In the following article, we will discuss a few ways to treat migraines using medication and natural remedies.

Three Levels of Medication

  • Preventative: In the case of preventive medication, debilitating headaches should always be reported to your doctor. Anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antihistamines, beta-blockers, and anti-inflammatory drugs are all possible treatments that your doctor may suggest depending on the level of severity of your headache and migraine attacks. It’s also important to remember that exercise, a healthy diet, getting a lot of sleep, and not smoking is a great way to prevent migraines.
  • Acute: Acute treatment refers to treating a headache attack as soon as it happens. When letting your doctor know about the severity of your migraines, your physician can prescribe acute treatments that could include painkillers and other medications that can alleviate pain.
  • Rescue: In the case of rescue treatment, anti-nausea medication and anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medication can be prescribed.

Natural Remedies

For those that feel more comfortable with natural remedies, let’s talk about a few that can help you get through your migraine attacks.

  • Pressure/Massage: By applying pressure to the pulse points of your forehead, and a light massage, can help relieve some discomfort associated with migraines.
  • Temperature: Feel free to try hot and or cold temperatures to this site of your pain. Even hot and cold showers have been shown to help migraine sufferers.
  • Oils: Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or basil can also help open blood flow in your brain, increasing oxygen and alleviating headache pain.
  • Drink More Water: It is possible that your headache is onset by dehydration, so drinking a few glasses of water when you feel a headache coming on can usually stop it in its tracks.

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