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Primary Care

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Primary care from a physician is now available at Life Savers ER in Houston. We are now accepting primary care patients, so you and the entire family can receive comprehensive care from experienced physicians in Houston, TX. Getting primary care gives you several things that the typical emergency room lacks.

Improved Care

Patients that receive primary care tend to have better outcomes when it involves their health. Primary care providers give patients individualized care, which is important to build a bond and inspire complete honesty in patients. Your doctor will need to know your medical history and any drugs you use on a regular basis. They can help you manage chronic diseases and prevent complications. Preventative care is also addressed with a primary care provider, so your health issues can be predicted and prevented with proper care and possibly medication.

Higher Satisfaction

Patients are happier when they can get individualized care that results in a satisfying outcome. Primary care also comes with shorter wait times than in the emergency room, so you can get in and out in a hurry. It is easier to speak with your doctor about health issues because they have background information about you and your unique health situation. You will not have to search for a doctor in the Houston, TX area with Life Savers ER. Relieve the stress of visiting the emergency room or searching for a qualified doctor by scheduling an appointment at our facility.

Care for the Family

Primary care includes all day-to-day healthcare for the entire family. Children, as well as adults, can get the care they need in our state-of-the-art facility. You can get comprehensive care from our qualified staff and a quick diagnosis of any health issue you are experiencing. Call today to schedule your annual physical or sports physical at Life Savers ER in Houston! Be prepared for school, work, and any sport or physical activity you participate in on a regular basis. Your health will be monitored by skilled medical staff whenever you make a visit to our primary care center. If you need any additional information about our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call!